Seattle based web developer

I've been building websites for 15 years. I specialize in JavasScript, CSS, HTML, Java, PHP, Web Accessability, and performance.

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I've spent the last several years building UI Frameworks (Yes like Bootstrap). Digital Styleguide driven design and development, increasing developer productivity through re-use and standards.

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Front End

I've worked with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML for over a decade. Most recently and specifically I work with React JS, Less/Sass, Angular, and many more front end technologies.

Full Stack

I'm not a 1 trick poney, I have extensive experience in Node JS, PHP, and have worked in Java and .Net environments.


I'm an expert in Web Accessibility standards and write applications that either meet or exceed standards paying close attention to focus states and screen reader testing.


Not only can I code but I've got the design chops to back up my coding skills.

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